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Crypto Virtual Event by inblox: Crypto Investment Vs Trading

As demand for cryptocurrencies arising, the big question is how accurately investors are informed on taking the best investment decisions individually?

Despite vast opportunities lying ahead in the digital asset space, the crypto-focused community is still lingering on investing or if investing not much aware of the best practices they need to follow.

Also, it’s significant to understand the core difference between trading and investment solutions and individual goals before flinching into one of the most dynamic spaces ever experienced in fintech space.

So, what are some of the focal areas to understand as a crypto trader/investor before getting into this huge ocean of money?

Be ready to listen from the industry experts and kickstart your journey if not yet set off for further execution without any fear.

inblox is going to organize another virtual e-meet up to spread cognizance on the cryptocurrency trading market. 

Note: Those who want to save their time and energy or lacks know-how on crypto day-to-day trading/investing, the going to be virtual meet-up is giving the opening to make passive income hassle-free. 

Mark the Schedule-

Date: Friday, 4th September 2020

Time: 5:00 IST

Venue: Airmeet

Registration: Click on the link

Detailed Topics of Discussion

Crypto trade and investment need a deep understanding of how this market functions. Inblox is going to discuss this in detail and further intending to introduce the industry-focused community to fund management, cryptocurrency funds, and STF trading. 

The virtual event would present industry experts to dive into this discussion in the process of creating awareness and adoption towards cryptocurrency investments. 

As there are many directions to this theme, Inblox, would discuss various questions from the expert, with business on the minds while allowing the community to decide how they want to step in.

  • What is the basic difference between trading and investments?
  • What needs to be done to understand the differences between trading and investments?
  • How does one identify whether they have the appetite to be a trader or investor?
  • How does one measure his/her risk appetite?
  • Can a short-term trader be a long-term investor as well?
  • Is cryptocurrency a good investment in 2020?
  • Which type of cryptocurrency is best to invest in?
  • Is it better to invest in stocks or cryptocurrencies?

Brief Areas of Focus

This time Inblox is focusing on disseminating vital points about crypto trading and investing that would be discussed by industry stalwarts who are themselves generating worthy numbers.

inblox in this event trying to put the knowledge of the crypto experts and focusing on the following heads:

–      Investment Period: whether it is for a long term or short term horizon

–      Trade Frequency: based on rarity and frequent trades

–      Risk Profile: depends on the risk appetite of a person; whether someone is a risk-taker or is averse to it.

–      Type of Analysis: investments traditionally require analysis of fundamentals while trading needs the understanding of technicalities such as charts, lines, etc.

–      Profit Methodology: there are multiple ways that either calculates profits, e.g. price appreciation, dividends, forks and sometimes also using airdrops

inblox Concept on Crypto eWeekend Virtual Meetups

At inblox Events, the organizers are regularly trying to arrange crypto meetups and showcasing projects to spread cognizance on the core concepts of cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies. 

Learning and Networking is one major tool to succeed in

business and that’s what the platform is providing through a series of various conceptualized events. 

While the Indian crypto industry is doing its bit by increasing its education footprint as much as possible, the penetration of cryptocurrencies is yet to reach a tipping point. It is this tipping point that inblox looking forward to addressing through a separate virtual meetup dedicated to the science and business of cryptocurrencies. 

About the Speakers

Mohit Sorout | Partner, Bitazu Capital

Mohit Sorout, who describes himself as a quant trader, is the Founding Partner at Bitazu Capital, a high stakes crypto hedge fund with a sharp focus on algorithmic momentum trading. With a BTech from Delhi Technological University, he has been the Growth Head of Zo Rooms, Filomena, and Vokal, in the past.

Mohit Madan| Co-Founder & CEO of OroPocket

Serial entrepreneur with a focus on making technology accessible to masses. Previously built platform-agnostic cloud and cryptocurrency exchange. Working on OroPocket, asset-backed banking to enable Millenials to become financially independent. Loves to read, and fascinated with modern economics.

Ramani Ramachandran | Partner, Qume

Ramani Ramachandran held multiple senior roles within private equity, consulting, research, and investment banking across New York, London, and Singapore, across firms such as Cornell Capital, Deloitte, Moody’s, and Global Advisors, before starting up a series of crypto businesses out of Asia in 2014. He set up one of Asia’s earliest crypto funds, runs one of crypto’s foremost newsletters, and also co-founded a fast-growing crypto derivatives exchange.

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