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Morgan Creek Digital Founder Announces- A New Early Stage Venture Fund

Anthony Pompliano is going “SOLO” – “You will never regret betting on yourself” – A new early-stage venture fund is here as a “new rolling fund” to allow solo individuals to leverage their personal brand.

Pomp, the Co-founder and Partner of Morgan Creek Digital (Hedge fund specializes in digital assets and blockchain technology investment) announced the beginning of a new venture fund structure catering towards early-stage ventures which an American entrepreneur and investor is building around his own brand and image to bring investors more closer towards decentralization.

“We may not be able to decentralize the world yet, but rolling funds brings us one step closer to the ultimate goal.”

Source: Twitter

As per the information, The new venture fund would follow the grounds of frictionless solo general partner “GP” fund structure, being a solo capitalist for the solo capitalists, in an anticipation to get investments from outside to invest in startups.

“These “rolling funds” allow any individual to leverage their personal brand, audience, deal flow, and experience to raise capital and deploy it across the business funding cycle.”

The new-age venture fund is proposed to offer flexibility which was not there before in the industry. Pomp tweeted, “Historically most individuals were excluded and only institutions could participate. This is a step in the right direction, but lots more progress to go.”

In the time of great transition, Pomp wants to capture solo capitalists. Meaning, any accredited investor can invest in early-stage technology companies with Pomp instead of lamenting about the fact that “the opportunity only being accessible to large institutions.”

The new early-stage venture fund is proposed to be backed by “a group of successful investors across Silicon Valley and Wall Street.”

Pomp asserts that nothing would change with this transition and the work in which he is involved would continue as usual whether its Morgan Creek Digital or a digital media business that pomp runs.

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