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How To Clear a Pending Transaction Using MetaMask

If you have a stuck transaction due to gas levels, there’s an unnecessarily complex way to fix it. We have prepared a simple guide to clear pending transaction in Metamask. Find below the steps:

1. Confirm your transaction is actually stuck! Open your wallet, click “activity”. Click on the transaction, then click where it says “transaction submitted with …” This will take you to etherscan.

2. Confirm that the transaction says “pending” then go to the bottom of the page and click “click to see more” so you can find the transaction “nonce” (nonce means number).

3. Back in your wallet, click the icon in the top right then click settings.

4. Open up the “advanced” section and then scroll down until you find “Customized Transaction Nonce” – Turn this feature ON. Now that you’ve enabled custom nonce, you will be able to submit a NEW transaction using the same “nonce” (or number) but with a higher gas level

5. Go to metamask wallet and copy your own wallet’s address.

6. Hit “send” and paste in your own address.

7. Amount should be 0 ETH.

8. Now you have to select an appropriate gas level. You can use the default “high” setting during most situations, but I prefer to check and set a level that is about 20 higher than high.

9. If you’d like to use a custom gas level, instead of just hitting “high”, press “advanced options” and enter the GWEI that you’d like to use. Hit “NEXT”

10. If you have “custom nonce” on, you’ll be able to enter the exact same nonce on this screen as the one you’re trying to clear. Back in step 2, we found out the nonce of our stuck transaction. Enter this number!

11. Hit “Confirm”! This transaction should go through shortly and the previous transaction will go from “pending” to “dropped and replaced”. You’re now free and clear to move about the ethersphere!

If you have any other doubts regarding your cryptocurrency transactions or struck Metamask transactions, let us know in the comments below!

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