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Coinbase Prepares Exit Plan for Not Mission focused Employees

Coinbase, one of the major crypto-focused global broker exchanges announced an exit plan for employees who are not company mission focussed while squashing all unrelated issues which can hamper the company’s goal.

The announcement came through San Francisco, California, United States-based firm’s co-founder & CEO Brian Armstrong via the official Coinbase medium blog which shows his determination to use cryptocurrency to bring economic freedom to people all over the world. 

“I want Coinbase to be laser-focused on achieving its mission”… “We will do this by playing like a championship team” where a particular team or individual goals comes after the company’s goals. In particular, Armstrong wants to build a mission focussed team that would relentlessly work on the long term goal while avoiding distractions and politics from the individual/team front.

According to Armstrong, the Coinbase mission is to “create an open financial system for the world” and become the world’s best crypto-focused firm. The mission is only achievable by building great products, sourcing high-talent, maintaining fair talent practices while enabling togetherness and belonging attitude for everyone.

After the blog went viral, Coinbase has become the talk of Silicon Valley by bringing its mission first towards any social responsibility.

“Creating an open financial system for the world is already a hugely ambitious mission, and we could easily spend the next decade or two trying to move the needle on global economic freedom.”

Armstrong wants Coinbase employees should only consider the company’s mission first while rejecting to dabble in unconnected activities or unrelated challenges happening in the world i.e., participation in social activism or corporate social responsibility acts against the company’s mission.

Armstrong said, “We pledge 1% program and, but this is about 1% of our efforts. We are a for-profit business. When we make a profit, we can use that to hire more great people and build even more. We shouldn’t ever shy away from making profit, because with more resources we can have a greater impact on the world.”

Armstrong doesn’t want Coinbase employees to include themselves in incidences of politics and debates which can go against the company’s growth and mission.

Earlier, in June Armstrong tweeted his reactions on the matters of how blacks are treated and bullied following the killing of George Floyd. At the time, Armstrong decided to donate nearly about $500,000 as a charity while supporting blacks and poverty-related issues.

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