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Andre Cronje Not Quitting DeFi, YFI Founder Comments After Increasing Speculations

Yearn.Finance founder and chief developer Andre Cronje repudiates an untruthful report about him vacating the DeFi project Yearn Finance, which has made a number of waves in the last couple of weeks in the cryptosphere.

The renowned DeFi developer mentioned that he is not walking away from Defi. Instead he is done with social media. As per a recent tweet on 9th October, he commented:

“Still here. Still building. Nothing has changed. Anyone that says otherwise f*ck off. I’m just done tweeting and being on social media.”

Eminence Hack & Yearn.Finance DeFi

Cronje’s tweet appeared on his Twitter handle just minutes after digital currency media outlet Coindesk published an article about the developer supposedly deserting Yearn.Finance for the reason that his half-finished protocol Eminence got exploited by a hacker in late last month. Notably, the hackers fetched around fifteen million USD from Eminence. This money was deposited by users looking to get advantage of yield farming by getting early entry into the renowned and reputed DeFi developer’s new project.     

Cronje’s unforeseen confutation has raised many eyebrows within the DeFi and crypto domain. It attracted a lot of comments on Twitter with Eric Turner, a researcher working at Messari, calling YFI a “major psyop.”

What do you think about the latest update in the Defi space and rapidly growing speculations about the YFI developer? Let us know in the comments below!

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