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Interview with Alex Richter – “Antares is much more than a crypto investment firm”

Crypto investment has become a buzz word in recent months because it provides an escape from the uncertainties of traditional investment options. Reports that publicly listed companies like MicroStrategy and Square have begun to allocate a percentage of their total assets to bitcoin is indicative of the growing appeal of digital assets to corporations and institutional investors. Amidst all these, regulators are awakening to the disruptive power of cryptocurrency and are pushing for new rules that let investors access crypto investments safely.

In line with these exciting developments, the crypto industry continues to introduce new investment products at a blistering pace. At the moment, there is a wide array of income-generating instruments available to not just institutional investors but also individuals. However, with this comes the need to introduce investor protection tools to ensure that fraudsters and other illicit entities do not hijack the crypto resurgence. One of the best approaches is to set up market standards that will help investors determine the viability of crypto investments.

At the heart of this conversation is Antares, a multilevel marketing company, and a network distribution platform designed to increase the earning power of investors by incorporating AI and crypto-enabled products. Due to Antares’s contributions to the emergence of crypto-driven investments, I decided to reach out to its CEO in the person of Alex Richter. We discussed some recurring themes in the investment landscape and explored the role of Antares in the unfolding saga.

Thanks for honoring my invite to speak about pressing issues in the investment scene. What’s your take on crypto investment?

From the latest in the corporate world, it is clear that cryptocurrency has become a vital instrument for negating risks. A lot of investors are adopting portfolio diversification strategies that incorporate bitcoin as a safe haven asset. All this points to higher market visibility for digital assets and more yield generating opportunities for investors. Smart companies have identified the distribution and transparent power of blockchain and cryptocurrency and are incorporating these technologies in various capacities to induce growth.

What about the risks that come with crypto investments? Are there reasons to be wary of this emerging trend?

I believe that security is the core risk associated with the growing acceptance of crypto-powered investments. Historically, fraudsters and hackers have a knack for capitalizing on the polarizing effect of crypto to run fraudulent schemes and rob investors of their assets. While this risk is not peculiar to the crypto industry, it has become even more pronounced due to the explosion of investment products tailored to crypto proponents. Therefore, it is vital to introduce safety nets for participants and ensure that they can exit and enter this thriving investment landscape without worrying too much about risks. This is where market standardization comes into the fray.

How does Antares fit into this narrative?

Antares is much more than a crypto investment firm. We are primarily an MLM company designed to provide network distribution and referral services to partner companies. We understand that crypto can help us establish a fluid system for investors to access our programs. Hence, we have incorporated crypto technology by introducing a native Token, AND, to serve as the primary gateway to access our various products. This approach has improved our global availability and exposed our partner companies to a large community of investors.

What have you and your team done to ensure that investors are safe?

It is one of our fundamental responsibilities as facilitators of growth and yield promoting programs to ensure the safety of all participants. Therefore, we carry out extensive checks and handpick only viable partners. As such, our network of investors can rest assured that their interest and safety is non-negotiable.

Can you tell us how Antares goes about its checks?

Analyzing the safety and profitability of companies is no easy task. That is why we have adopted a thorough and multi-staged auditing process to ensure that adopted companies comply with the strictest of market and security standards. This is why our onboarding process could run into months or a year.

Talking of market standards, how important is it in the emerging crypto investment landscape?

Although we are yet to have global standards that define the responsibilities of crypto entities regardless of their location, it is critical to incorporate specific rules peculiar to the traditional investment landscape. One of such is auditing standards. Another is KYC and AML regulations. Crypto startups can choose to establish the legality and integrity of their businesses by complying with these standards and security requirements to protect their users and investors. This is the only way to limit the risks, at least until we begin to see a more global approach to crypto regulation.

Antares recently launched its exchange infrastructure. What are the modalities of this product?

Antares Exchange is another way we are making profitability a norm for our esteemed members. The infrastructure allows users to exchange crypto seamlessly and provides all the tools necessary to ensure that such activities are profitable. More importantly, this product is not restricted to existing Antares members. It is available globally to anyone interested in participating in the high-yielding crypto market. This product is just one of the suits of tools we have introduced for crypto traders. Through our Coin Capitalization service, traders can access all of the exchange management tools they need in one platform. They can track rates, compare exchanges, track their portfolios, and analyze price trends.

What are the benefits of joining the Antares community?

Members have unlimited access to high-yielding investments that the Antares team has thoroughly audited and endorsed. Note that our range of investment programs will continue to expand to offer investors even more mouthwatering opportunities. Also, we have managed to erase several restrictions prohibiting access to the global investment landscape. In other words, our members can engage with a vast network of investors, which was impossible in the past.

What should we expect from Antares in the coming months?

As always, expect more investment programs designed to increase the market visibility of partner companies as well as increase the earnings of investors. Likewise, we are committed to the idea of empowering individuals to establish a sustainable flow of income. We will continue to introduce products that fit into the mission.

What are your projections for crypto-facilitated investments in the next couple of years?

The crypto investment narrative is well and away. There is no stopping it now. Regulators, governments, and corporations are bound to key into this emerging landscape by introducing and incorporating clear-cut investor protection regulations. By doing so, more people will come to embrace the potentials of a crypto-driven investment landscape. 

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