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Bitstamp New CEO Julian Sawyer Replaces Founder Nejc Kodrič

Bitstamp, the eighth largest global cryptocurrency exchange decided to have a new CEO Julian Sawyer while the founder & CEO Nejc Kodrič moving on a new advisory role on the company’s Board of Directors.

Julian possesses 20 years of experience in banking and fintech and served as a managing director of Europe and the United Kingdom at Gemini- New York, U.S. based crypto custodian & cryptocurrency exchange. After a short stint of 11 months in Gemini from Dec 2019- Oct 2020, Julian decides to join Bitstamp to exhibit his genius to take Bitstamp to new heights.

According to Julian, Bitstamp is one of the oldest cryptocurrency exchanges and insurmountably growing, and advancing since the time the company started in 2011. In almost a decade, the Luxembourg based exchange is on the evolution track while supporting traders and investors. The new CEO feels proud to accept the opportunity to be a part of the fantastic team.

In Bitstamp, Julian is looking forward to taking a new role for his personal growth and extending his services to Bitstamp to explore more opportunities while catering to the regions in Europe, the US, and Singapore for the growing company.

 In Oct 2018, a Belgium-based investment company, NXMH acquired Bitstamp. Since the time, the new management is trying to raise the bar. To multiplying the high-performance company culture, the lucrative opportunity offered to Julian that the serial entrepreneur accepted. Julian mentioned in a comment.

Julian being a CEO in a new role is expected to set strategies and direction to expand Bitstamp’s vision and presence globally.

 Earlier to Gemini, Julian served as Chief Operating Officer of Starling Bank from May 2015-June 2019. The British bank is currently serving nearly 1 million customers.

Bitstamp is currently supporting seven cryptocurrencies- Bitcoin, Ether, USD, XRP, EUR, Litecoin, Bitcoincash.

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