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Huobi Futures Introduces New Trade Functions: Daily Settlement & New Take-profit/Stop-loss

The daily settlement function and upgraded take-profit and stop-loss functions enable all traders to earn rewards and control risk in advance.

Huobi Futures, the leading digital assets derivatives trading platform from Huobi Group, announced the launch of two new exciting features to aid traders in better hedging risk and earn rewards of a trade even before its delivery. 

The new features cater to derivatives trading on the Huobi, i.e., support daily settlement for coin-margined futures and take-profit and stop-loss function for coin-margined futures, coin-margined swaps, and USDT-margined swaps on the trading platform. 

Generally, both in cryptocurrency and traditional financial markets the volatility is normal yet it impacts the sentiments of traders especially if the volume is high. Huobi hears it and comes up with daily settlement and take-profit and stop-loss functions on the trading platform. These exciting functions will empower both institutional and retail traders to fetch out maximum benefits in margin trading while controlling risks in advance. 

Huobi Futures is set to offer assorted support to its users since the launch and with its latest update, the users can get stirring support to trade more in crypto and reap more benefits earlier than usually.

Ciara Sun, VP of Global Business at Huobi Group said,

“Market volatility is to be expected in any trading environment, but it doesn’t have to be a negative occurrence. By giving traders access to opportunities to hedge against risk and take advantage of trading features like a daily settlement in a safe trading environment, we hope to usher in more users who can reap the benefits of what Huobi Futures can offer.”

Daily Settlement for Coin-Margined Futures 

Huobi Futures is witnessing commendable appreciation from the cryptocurrency community due to the unlimited benefits and user acceptance rate of the crypto trading platform despite the fluctuating markets. The massive praise after launching real-time settlement for 7 coin-margined futures and swaps, plus 13 USDT-margined swaps has become an inspiration for the platform to come up with more exciting features and high-quality service that can support the entire digital asset community including the broader financial markets. 

Launched in December 2018, Huobi’s coin-margined futures is supporting so far 13 major digital assets, with an overall unilateral trading volume of USD 1.32 trillion in 2020. Latest, beginning January 7 at 16:00 (UTC+8), Huobi Futures, kicking off to support daily settlement for coin-margined futures until June 30 on a trial basis.

In the daily settlement mechanism, users’ unrealized PNL will turn to realized PNL after the daily settlement at 16:00 (UTC+8). Now, users do not need to wait until the settlement or delivery of their trades weekly. The new features enable traders to use their profit (minus unrealized loss and occupied margin) or to withdraw instantly after daily settlement. Hence, the new features enrich users’ experience and making them utilize their crypto assets as per the convenience. 

In the current crypto market scenario, Huobi’s latest features are quite different from the usual settlement mechanisms. Unlike weekly settlement, daily settlement requires robust risk-control system and here Huobi plays a vital role in cryptocurrency adoption due to its innovative capabilities and understanding of the traders’ sentiment. 

Since its launch, Huobi Futures has facilitated in delivering zero clawback support, and this time with its latest daily settlement feature Huobi proves to be a front-runner in the design and application of risk-control mechanism in hedging.

Upgraded Take-Profit and Stop-Loss Function for Futures and Swaps

“Take-profit and stop-loss order” refers to a trader’s position-closing order with pre-set trigger conditions (trigger price of take-profit or stop-loss order) and price. When the latest price reaches the pre-set trigger price, the system will place a position-closing order based on the pre-set price and amount to take profit or stop loss. 

Starting off January 7, 2021 at 22:00 (GMT+8), Huobi Futures launched an upgraded take-profit and stop-loss functions for coin-margined futures, coin-margined swaps and USDT-margined swaps on WEB and API.

The earlier upgraded versions of stop-profit and stop-loss functions let traders place take-profit and stop-loss orders only for existing positions. However, with the latest upgraded stop-profit and stop-loss functions, traders can derive benefit with an existing position as well as during opening position. Besides, Huobi also allows users to set a stop-profit order and a stop-loss order all at once, or choose only one of them to set.

Also, the positions available to be closed will not be frozen until the take-profit or stop-loss order is triggered, and will only be frozen when the limit order is successfully placed. Besides, the upgraded function allows users to set by price or by profit rate, therefore the spontaneous prediction of PNL makes users confident for the next move.

Huobi believes in a comprehensible approach that is relatable with the user and conveying the same approach Ciara Sun said, “We’ve been committed to designing user-friendly functions since our establishment. Many innovative functions like Flash Close, Follow a Maker & Taker, Switchable Leverage during holding positions, locked margin mechanism are welcomed by our users, and we’re glad to see that.”

About Huobi Group

Founded in 2013 by Leon Li, Huobi Group is a world-leading global blockchain organization in the digital economy industry. The company follows a user-friendly approach in all its over 60 upstream and downstream enterprises which cater to blockchain space globally. So far, Huobi Global exchange’s accumulative turnover exceeds the US $3 trillion. Huobi is a proven and dependable crypto trading platform that staunchly offers a reliable, secure, proficient, and convenient cryptocurrency trading system and asset management services to millions of users in 170+ countries.

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