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Strong Fundamentals Might Lead ETH Price To 10,000 USD, As Per Analysis

Ethereum’s price might cross ten thousand USD mark as the network has seen a colossal espousal development from flourishing niches like NFT and DeFi.

Ethereum NFTs, DAO, DEX and Defi

As per the opinion of a popular digital asset commentator, ETH’s rudiments and network development will shove the price of the native cryptocurrency to a five-digit price territory. Even though this probable gush by eight-fold from this position may perhaps sound unbelievable to some, Fundstrat strategists lately presented an analogous forecast.

Even though the asset has retraced from its new all-time high, renowned virtual currency commentator Alex Saunders is still a strong believer in ETH’s long-term prospects. In fact, he deliberates an 8x upsurge to 10k USD as an achievable target.

Saunders brought several ins and outs to back the rather positive prediction. Some of them emphasized the network’s mounting consumption as the Ethereum blockchain is the causal tech behind thriving arenas like Decentralized Finance, Decentralized Autonomous Organizations, Non-Fungible Tokens, and more.

Ethereum Surpasses Bitcoin In Daily Transactions

He further added that the ETH network has far beaten the Bitcoin network in standings of transactions. On-chain data demonstrates that the daily transactions on the planet’s 1st blockchain are around three hundred thousand, while Ethereum’s numbers have pointed well above 1 million.

Even though he advised that the ETH 2.0 network upgrade could lead to impediments, Fundstrat’s kept on being bullish on the digital asset and mentioned that it has got the prospects of reaching 10,500 USD during this bull run.

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