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Top notch blockchain developer in just 100 days? Check out Blockchained India’s 100 Days of Code program!

Unless you are hiding under the rocks, you sure have heard of the word, ‘Blockchain’. After all, it is #trending and media’s favourite topics these days, #buzzword of the year! 

The hype around blockchain has been massive. It has nicely found its place alongside other credible technologies like cloud computing, data analytics and artificial intelligence and is definitely going to be THE NEXT BIG THING! 

The technology has been the driving force of cryptocurrencies, has taken the front seat and come up with a myriad of options to mitigate the traditional challenges that a lot of industries face, and helping them grab better opportunities. Because of this mass adoption the blockchain jobs are increasing in the markets exponentially.

And one should always remain enlightened with the latest trends. Keeping this in mind, Blockchained India and Blocumen Studios started with their ‘100 Days of Code’ initiative in April.

The main aim of this program is to educate people about the technicalities of the blockchain world. Programming is an essential skill to succeed in a lot of ways today. People from all disciplines are trying to gain this skill and have realised that it isn’t rocket science but just gets boring to survive through the learning curve. Hence, community based learning is the best way to learn programming! And so is the main highlight of this program, that they make learning more enhancing and achieving in the form of ‘collaborative learning’

With their first cohort being a huge hit, they started with their second cohort in October and have finished the program.The participants from the 2nd cohort have their demo day on 30 January, where they will be showcasing their open app ideas to the juries from around the world and will be asking for the grants to bring their ideas to fruitation. 

What makes this program more unique is that one gets to learn from the industry experts, who are there to guide them every moment! Weekly calls with the team members ensures no doubt gets away unsolved!

Learning becomes more fun when you are being rewarded for doing great things. For that they also maintain a leaderboard where they reward the participants with Aions for being the top developers for the week and for the month, thus pushing them to take an active role in the program!

“We started with a vision for Indians to be at the forefront enabling and facilitating the blockchain revolution. It didn’t take too long for us to realise that a dedicated upskilling and capacity building drive at the grassroots would go a long way in that direction. Seeing how much we have delivered within the last two cohorts and improvements that have taken place in the content quality and delivery, we are pretty psyched about the next cohort. Specially with focus on DeFi applications this time.”

says Akshay Aggarwal, the Co-Founder and Chief of Blockchained India and Blocumen Studios.

Overall, this program is a complete powerpack! It is a great opportunity for anyone who wants to make it into the blockchain world! All you need to do is just to dedicate one hour daily to this, and come out as an out of the box blockchain developer in just 100 days without actually disrupting your everyday life! It really converts a person with a 9-5 job into a full-time entrepreneur!!

We asked a few participants on their experience with 100 Days of Code-

So far, it has been a great experience with the 100 Days of Code program. Although I am a certified blockchain developer myself, there were so many things in this course that I didn’t know in so much detail before.The study material is simple and good to understand for anyone who doesn’t know much about the blockchain jargons. Most of the other courses just explain the jargons and jump into the coding part, but this one focuses on establishing a proper foundation.

The mentors are great at guiding about any topic, be it technical details, coding or ideation.

Group discussions were a great way of spreading and gathering knowledge. That said, 100 days of code is a great program for anyone who wants to jump into the blockchain space, whilst having their own office work/studies. – says Praveen Vidyavastu, who is a software engineer and a participant of the 2nd cohort.

While Mohammed Abrar Neeman was very enthusiastic in his response-

I would say 100 days of code is one stop for T to P Blockchain learning. T – means starting from understanding Blockchain theoretical concepts to P – developing real time projects. This is the best program if someone is looking to deep dive into blockchain. Here you can learn technology stacks like java, HTML, CSS, express.js, javascript everything that will be used in building blockchain real time projects. 

ATTENTION READER! If you too are interested in learning blockchain development and building your very own open apps and want to get mastered from “the very best”, you can register for the next cohort of 100 Days of Code here!

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