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Twitter Founder Jack Dorsey Mulling Over Running A Full Bitcoin Node

The founder and CEO of Twitter, Jack Dorsey will soon be helping to authenticate the Bitcoin blockchain subsequent to posting an image of his node synchronization in advancement.

Coming as the latest news in the cryptosphere, Dorsey has fired up his own node for validating Bitcoin blockchain. Today, the technology billionaire posted a screenshot of the Bitcoin node software Bitcoind running on his computer. This signifies that Dorsey now assists in validating Bitcoin blockchain transactions.

Jack Dorsey and Bitcoin Node on Apple M1 Chip

Recently, Dorsey posted the screenshot along with the comments: “Running #bitcoin”. The image posted by the social media entrepreneur demonstrates Dorsey’s computer in the middle of synchronizing with the blockchain network. The process requires that a user download the whole history of the blockchain to date. At press time, the Bitcoin blockchain is approximately 325GB in terms of size.

Contingent on the computer and the speed of internet, the synchronization process can take weeks. It is to be noted that the screenshot shared by Dorsey demonstrates that he only managed to synchronize around two percent of the blockchain up to now.

Furthermore, when questioned if Dorsey was running the Bitcoin node on a dedicated Raspberry Pi, Dorsey divulged that he had set it up using Apple’s latest M1 chip. Apropos the development, Twitter’s CEO tweeted, “Starting from a scratch build on M1 first.”

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Image by Pete Linforth from Pixabay

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