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Mayor of Miami Allegedly Looking To Make ‘The Most Progressive Crypto Laws’

Francis Suarez, the present mayor of Miami, is allegedly mulling over transforming the city into the most attractive in the US for businesses and individuals in the digital asset and blockchain domain.

Suarez mentioned,

“We want to make sure that we believe that if all things are equal, we win.”

In an interview with Forbes published recently, Miami’s mayor commented that lawmakers in Miami were looking into the policies of digital asset-friendly sectors like New York and Wyoming in an attempt to boost regulatory incentives for virtual assets and blockchain in Florida.

Suarez said,

“[Miami is] making sure that we have the most progressive crypto laws. We want to make sure that we believe that if all things are equal, we win. So, we just want to equalize the playing field. We want to make sure that nobody has an advantage over us based on laws that are easily changeable.”

He has already spoken with a few high-profile figures in the crypto community including a meeting with Gemini co-founders Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss. Earlier this month, Tyler mentioned that Suarez is guiding the route for governments and BTC.

It is to be noted that Minami’s mayor did not provide a timeline as to when these activities may take effect for four hundred and fifty thousand inhabitants of Miami. Nonetheless, a few in the cryptosphere have apparently taken notice.

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Image by Steven Hodel from Pixabay

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