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Google Finance Introduces ‘Crypto’ Tab, Features BTC, ETH, LTC

Digital assets continue to enter mainstream usage. The users of Google Finance can now get a rapid rundown of the top virtual asset prices with just one click.

Google Finance has introduced digital asset prices to the domain. The section, named “Crypto,” now can be seen in the “Compare Markets” category together with conventional stock and currency markets. The segment makes significant pricing information available for numerous virtual assets. These include BTC, ETH, LTC, and BCH.

Cryptocurrencies and SEC

The digital asset market has attracted mainstream attention over the last year, as institutional investors and establishments have commenced investing in the asset class. Their participation facilitated in pushing the digital currency market capitalization beyond a trillion dollars in the month of January. In due course, the digital asset market cap would peak north of 1.7 trillion USD in the month of February before undergoing a pullback. At present values, the crypto asset class is valued over 1.4 trillion USD.

Both retail adoption and institutional interest has been mounting speedily over the last 3 months. With key firms like Mastercard and Tesla actively espousing digital currencies, the requirement for clearer regulation is mounting, as per Hester Peirce, the Commissioner of US SEC.

Calls for clearer rules on virtual assets will probably grow louder as the bull market heats up. In the meantime, Peirce has commented that the new Biden administration can provide a fresh look at the regulatory aspect.

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