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Turkey Crypto News: Digital Asset Usage Increased 11 Times In A Year, As Per New Survey

A recent survey carried out in Turkey divulges how the perception of digital currencies has evolved over the last year.

Turkey’s digital asset user base has surged over eleven times over the last year, according to a recent survey conducted by Turkish cryptocurrency exchange Paribu. 

The “Cryptocurrency Awareness and Perception Survey 2021” was carried out by Akademetre Research, divulging the perceptions and actions of Turkish subjects toward Bitcoin and altcoins. The primary survey was concluded last year.

Turkey Crypto Survey 2020

A notable finding of 2020’s investigation was that only 0.7 percent of more than six thousand respondents traded digital assets in some form. On top of that, eighty four percent of survey participants had never ascertained BTC or other virtual currencies before. The aforementioned results have contrasted with earlier reports that asserted one-fifth of the country’s residents were brought to light apropos digital currencies.

Nonetheless, this year demonstrates a notable increment in terms of virtual asset usage in Turkey. Out of a sample space of fourteen hundred participants, over seven percent mentioned that they traded with BTC or other digital assets, marking a surge of eleven times in digital asset users compared to last year.

As per the aforementioned survey, around eleven percent of respondents with digital asset knowledge have become active virtual currency users. As a major digital asset exchange in the nation, Paribu reflects the espousal pace with its user count, which increased from six hundred thousand to more than four million within a year.

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