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Brazil Burger King Users Can Now Purchase Dog Biscuits With Dogecoin

As per Brazil’s local news publication reports, the Burger King franchise in Brazil has introduced a new sort of food particularly made for canines called the “Dogeppr.” Interestingly, the new product is a dog biscuit that dog owners can buy for their pets and the burger outlet is accepting dogecoin virtual asset payments for Dogeppr purchases.

The Burger King franchise in Brazil has declared that the burger outlet has started accepting DOGE payments for a new dog biscuit the franchise recently introduced, at a couple of select locations.

The QSR chain’s ad mentioned,

“Now you can buy Dogepper with dogecoin, take advantage of it.” 

It added,

“What is the best way to pay for a product aimed at dogs? Obviously, Dogecoins.” 

For buying Dogepper, a user is required  to check the availability and then select a fixed amount of dog biscuits they want to buy. Notably, a Dogepper costs 3 DOGE as per the website and there are value meals that constitute the dog treat. Subsequent to filling out the registration form, the user transfers the Dogecoin to Burger King Brazil’s wallet.

“We know that enjoying a Whopper in peace, in the comfort of your home, is not an easy task for a mother or father of a pet. But also, how can we blame them? The smell of grilled barbecue meat goes far and gives the dogs a stir.”

Burger King Brazil concludes.

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