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Germany Crosses Past USA in Total Number Of Bitcoin Nodes, As Per Bitnodes

For the first time ever in history, Germany is running more BTC nodes as compared to the USA, as per data analytics from Bitnodes.

Presently, there are over ten thousand listening bitcoin nodes around the world. Listening nodes are described as the nodes that permit incoming connections. Among those, 1833 are based in Germany and 1821 in the United States of America. France has occupied third position on the list with a number of 549 while China provides base to only one hundred and fifty two Bitcoin blockchain nodes.

German And USA Bitcoin Nodes

In the year 2019, Germany was quite close to crossing past the USA in terms of number of nodes. Nevertheless, at the time, America was running twenty four hundred nodes while Germany was at nineteen hundred.

During this period, American node numbers dropped by around seven hundred publicly reachable nodes. On the other hand, German ones have allegedly kept up.

Use Of VPNs For Bitcoin Mining

The usage of the aforementioned nodes is not yet clear. It can range from some juvenile in his basement playing with BTC to an international entity like Coinbase. But, the assumption that Satoshi Nakamoto is in Germany, can’t be totally disregarded.

A couple of digital asset organisations are now beginning to prohibit the United States of America from participating so as to repudiate its jurisdiction, thus generating a somewhat more restrictive atmosphere there.

Therefore, several crypto enthusiasts may begin running VPNs by default. Also, they may begin running BTC nodes over Tor, masking the geographical presence of the operator.

What do you think about the aforementioned development? Let us know in the comments below!

Image by nikhilNarayane from Pixabay

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