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Understanding the Game of Golf and Betting Markets

When it comes to betting, golf has become very popular in the betting industry. Throughout the year, golf betting markets were made available from all of the leading online bookmakers. From traditional betting to Bitcoin sports betting sites, golf has become a popular option. Though golf is more difficult to predict, the rewards are substantial if you get it right.

Golf Tournaments to look out for

Golf betting is available online on two major tours. The first is the PGA Tour, primarily held in the United States, with some events held in Asia or South America.

The European Tour (ET) is the second major tour, which takes place across Europe, Asia, and Southern Africa. 

Towards the end of each tour, a final-series event takes place where the season’s most successful players compete for prize money. In golf, we refer to this as the Fed-Ex Cup on the PGA Tour, and in golf on the European Tour, it is known as the Race to Dubai.

Golf betting odds

With an average tournament field of over 140 participants, golf gamblers should expect to see impressive rewards on their investments. Just as with other sports, Favorites, middle-of-the-road picks, and rank outsiders are all available for punters to make their choice.

Golf betting market – Types of golf betting 

The golf market has different types. Here, we have explained all the betting markets in golf, including how they work and how players bet on them.

  • Outright win

The outright winner of a golf tournament is the most prominent and popular betting type in the sport. This is the stage where players select the person who, in their opinion, will win the event in total. In most cases, the odds on this type of gamble are favourable.

However, identifying might be tough to identify an outright winner. There’s also the option of betting on them each way, which will pay you if your athlete finishes in the top five. 

  • Top ten winner

Just as the name implies, you have the option to select an athlete who you think will be among the top ten.

  • Top winners in the world

Players who participate in tournaments come from several parts of the world. As such, you can separate them into the countries they come from. You can select a high-ranked athlete from Europe, Australia, America, or any other part of the world. If two of these players end up in a tie, The bookmakers will payout.

  • Round winner

In this type of betting, you wager on which athlete will win a particular round. For instance, if the athletes move out for the first round of 18 holes, you bet on just that.

  • Make/Miss cut bet

The competition is all about making it to the final round. In this type of betting, you will bet on the players you believe will make or miss the cut for the competition. If the player does not end up participating in the competition, the bets are no longer valid. Punters consider this a waste of money.

  • Two chances of winning bet

‘Two chances’ is when you choose two players you believe have a high chance of winning the competition. Your odds of winning are increased because you are betting on two athletes. On the other hand, both athletes must participate; else, your bet becomes invalid. 

  • Three chances of winning bet

Just like the type of bet before this, you pick three players that you think will make it to the last round. Still, the three of them must participate in the event for your bet to be valid.

  • Group bet

Here, you will pick a player from a specific group who you believe will win. You’ll need to check with your bookmaker because players are just grouped for betting purposes.

  • Match Handicap bet

Match Handicap is a game in which you pick a player who you believe will score the lowest. 

  • The score for the Next Hole bet

You bet on who you think will win the next hole on the course in this game. For example, you can bet on a specific player to win the next spot.

  • Making a birdie bet

This is a bet on a golfer making a birdie on a specific hole. This option is usually available in-game only.

  • Two-ball bet

After the cut, players are sent out in pairs. For this bet, you must choose which of the two players you believe will win the round.

  • Three-ball bet

In golf, players play in groups of three persons. Therefore, you can wager on the player who has the best score of the three.

  • Hole in one bet

You can wager on players hitting a hole in a specific spot in this bet.

  • Forecast

Here, you predict who will finish in the second tournament. Though the athletes are usually difficult to predict, it is worth trying because of its high odds.

  • Fantasy Golf bet

Some companies, such as DraftKings, now have impressive fantasy golf tournaments where you can pick your team. These tournaments include substantial cash rewards and provide golf fans with a terrific opportunity to test their skills.

Tips for Golf betting

  • Consider the form in general

When contemplating placing a wager on a golfer, you should ask yourself how they are performing.  It would be best to look at the result of their recent tournaments and those that haven’t competed in a while.

  • Make sure you research the fact

We base golf recommendations on two factors: general information and course form. However, studying historical facts can give punters an advantage in some situations as well.

  • Extreme caution should be used when playing with new players

As a warning, never put your money on a player who has yet to win a trophy while competing. Why? The odds are higher that you might get no reward for that bet.


The world of sports betting holds a lot of opportunities that grow as the world evolves. Like other sports, golf has made a mark in the industry and slowly makes its way up the betting ladder. If you are a punter considering higher winnings on your wagers, you should consider betting on golf. This betting option has promised to be favourable.

Disclaimer: This is a Sponsored Post. This post is for informational purposes only. The information does not constitute investment advice or an offer to invest

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