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PulsePad Is The Next BlueZilla Launchpad Eyeing an Unbelievable ROI

Launchpad projects are about much more than facilitating token sales for teams and developers. These days, they are a cornerstone of crypto – providing support and connections across all aspects of business to help establish the next generation of blockchain projects. In one of Blockchain’s latest string of high profile launches, PulsePad, the native PulseChain launchpad, aims to change the game significantly and improve upon aspects where Ethereum falls short by hosting itsan IDO on the 8th November.

What Is PulsePad Exactly?

As the name suggests, PulsePad is a launchpad for the PulseChain ecosystem. It has the backing of BlueZilla. In addition, the PulsePad platform ensures all assets and tokens launched on PulsePad are compatible with PulseChain, the warp-speed, fee- burning network forked from EthereumTH.

In the age of rampant ETH fees and delayed transaction times, the PulseChain ecosystem introduces many benefits to developers., Aas the environment isn’t too different from developing for Ethereum – it boasts a save for the faster network, support for proof-of-stake validators, and a far more efficient virtual machine for DApp testing. As a developer, it is essential to explore efficient and safe environments to test applications before going live., and in this sense, PulseChain provides both security and long-term scalability, aspects which remain neglected on the ETH main chain.

The choice by BlueZilla to bring a native launchpad to this blockchain is not entirely surprising. There are many benefits it provides over Ethereum are beneficial to developers and DApp users. Moreover, the focus is multi-faceted, as PulsePad will help projects secure funding, provide top-tier marketing and promotional assistance, and  offeroffers consulting services. All successful IDO tokens will gain a listing on the PulseChain DEX. Furthermore, there is a PulseBridge that can make tokens compatible with the Ethereum network. Validators can stake PLS for even greater rewards collected from fees.

It is worth noting that PulsePad is a deflationary launchpad. – Every user selling PLSPAD pays a 10% fee, and backers unstaking early will face a penalty of 25%. These rates apply to projects hosting an IDO through PulsePad, too. The tokenomics point to extreme value in the long run and are true markers of a sustainable and holistic ecosystem.

PulsePad IDO – BlueZilla’s Biggest Yet?

As mentioned previously, PulsePad is being incubated by BlueZilla, a conglomerate who have set up a wealth of successful launchpads, including ETHPad for Ethereum, ADAPad for Cardano, TRONPad and BSCPad, and a variety of DEX projects.I, including the highly successful AstroSwap, and WagyuSwap on the cutting-edge Velas network.

The thing that all of these projects have in common is their incredible performance from IDO to launch. Wagyuswap, for instance, saw an 86x surge in price last month, whilst AstroSwap saw 330x returns on its IDO within mere hours of launch. And mostly, BlueZilla seems to have the magic formula on lock – wWith most of its launches providing similar returns. 

Perhaps then, this is the time for PulsePad to shine and explode as BlueZilla’s biggest and best IDO yet. With the market pushing ATH, the amazing surge in support for PulseChain and the HEX ecosystem showing on PulsePad’s socials, coupled with the past performance, it begs the question – Just how highard is PulsePad going to goo blow?

Disclaimer: This post is for informational purposes only. The information does not constitute investment advice or an offer to invest.

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