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Cross-Chain DEX Hashbon Launches Staking Referral Program for DeFi Users

Hashbon Rocket, a leading decentralized platform seeking to impact the digital economy and the blockchain industry, has introduced a novel staking referral program that will offer exceptional benefits to HASH holders. The first-ever cross-chain decentralized exchange platform is providing users an additional revenue stream of amazing returns. Hashbon’s staking referral program is a brilliant idea built around its native staking to help individuals in the crypto space and on its platform become a part of this revolutionary financial innovation.

Hashbon was designed to provide seamless payment services for businesses and individual clients in the blockchain industry. The platform stands out from its counterparts in the sphere with a list of key differences that gives it a leg up in the competitive sector. It offers users zero charges or commission when they process crypto payments, which means buyers pay and sellers receive the same amount of cryptocurrencies that they are transacting to one another, and curates a robust user experience for investors to connect and interact easily. Moreover, Hashbon is poised to become a premier cross-chain DEX (CDEX) platform in the near future.

Hashbon is the first CDEX to solve the cross-chain transaction problems faced in the industry today. Unlike most DEXs in the DeFi space, Hashbon allows users to swap tokens across multiple blockchain networks. Interestingly, Hashbon is creating a platform that has no exchange limits as users can exchange any amount of tokens. Anyone can become a Liquidity Provider and create a pool. The innovative DEX is creating an ecosystem of fairness, transparency, ease, and high transaction speed for a fascinating experience.

The platform currently supports over 30 cryptocurrencies, including top assets like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Tether, Dash, and many others. Hashbon is extending the list of supported cryptocurrencies and the company is compliant with the European KYC policies. With a user-friendly interface, Hashbon is reorganizing the crypto space for users to explore its massive capabilities. 

Features for a Decentralized Future

Hashbon is constantly exploring new ways and strategies to help users harness their earning potentials and create more income streams in the decentralized market. The concept is aimed at propelling an ever-expanding community towards a decentralized future.

“There were four key milestones in Hashbon’s Roadmap 2021: we have launched HASH token, released Hashbon Rocket CDEX MVP, run the liquidity pool functionality, and provided HASH holders with the most profitable opportunity to stake and earn HASH for gaining passive income, fueling the ecosystem and extending the utility of the token,”

Grigory Bibaev, Founder and CEO of Hashbon FiRe said.

Through this unique staking referral program, users can invite an unlimited number of individuals to the Hashbon platform and get thrilling benefits in return just by sharing a special referral link. The link can be shared with friends, family, and crypto enthusiasts worldwide. It would mean giving users a chance to join a growing ecosystem and also earn up to 10% of the individual’s earnings as soon as they stake and receive their rewards on the platform.

Hashbon native staking features an annual percentage yield (APY) that can go up to 171.46%. The maximum annual percentage rate (APR) is 100%. HASH holders and stakers can withdraw their tokens anytime after staking. Interestingly, users have the power to earn as much as they desire. This depends on how long a user leaves their tokens on the platform for staking. A longer duration means a higher annual percentage yield. Hashbon Rocket also has a reward pool for staking with 15,000,000 HASH tokens. It seeks to be a driving force to fuel a decentralized future by integrating more innovative features for an enhanced ecosystem.

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