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Infrastructure-as-a-service platform, StrongNode, opens up early user registration to ‘The Edge’

StrongNode, an infrastructure-as-a-service node provider, has finally opened up user registration for the early access to “The Edge” on allowing users to create their basic profile and reserve a limited spot for early access to The Edge when available. Additionally, the platform will also soon add Ethereum compatibility for its native $SNE token, adding to its widening list of blockchain networks. 

Announced on the 20th of April, 2022, StrongNode users are now open to make reservations for the early access of ‘The Edge’, which is expected to launch in the coming weeks. According to the team’s statement, the early access to ‘The Edge’ will be available to 1,000 users on a first-come-first-served basis. 

StrongNode provides users with a suite of decentralized Web 3 products, powered by the Edge Network, and leverages blockchain technology to facilitate payments, rewards, security, and interoperability across different networks. Currently under construction, the core StrongNode Edge product will allow anyone with a SMART device (node seeders) to connect it to the Edge, and provide unused compute resources such as CPU, GPU, and RAM power to the network. The platform incentivizes the node seeders by paying them in $SNE tokens. 

This allows enterprises, industries, and companies to purchase these compute resources for use in their supply chain. The companies can use either the dollar or $SNE tokens to pay for the computing power, and if USD is used, then a portion is used to ‘market buy’ SNE tokens to fill the rewards pool for Node Seeders.

StrongNode aims to drive new economies across its platform by segmenting its users into three major categories; Edge customers, Edge innovators, and Edge seeders. Across the Edge Customers segment, enterprises, small businesses, and individuals can exchange value and information across the network; Edge Innovators power the building of innovative technologies to accelerate the adoption of Edge nodes; and Edge Seeders can participate in a shared economy of computing power. 

More developments on StrongNode 

Apart from launching the user registration, StrongNode also announced $SNE token will also soon be available on the Ethereum blockchain, which joins Polygon. Interoperability and cross-chain utility is growing as an important need for any blockchain platform to boost user adoption and other different reasons. The availability of the SNE token on the Ethereum blockchain allows for access to the world’s leading blockchain and a swathe of new users. 

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