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Dual Asset: Stake and Earn From Idle Crypto Assets

YouHolder now offers a unique stake and earn product for its global users called Dual Asset. This platform advances some of YouHolder’s broad goals of making crypto and its benefits accessible for everyone. 

The Swiss registered Fintech platform also values traders’ funds and is therefore creating an outstanding product to help users protect their hard-earned funds while continuing with the crypto’s drive of linking DeFi with the legacy finance networks.

To this end, YouHolder launched Dual Asset to  improve on existing features that includes a savings account offering an eight percent APY on stablecoins.

What is Dual Asset?

Dual Asset is a staking product that allows crypto users to earn from bullish and bearish moves. With Dual asset, users earn up to 365 percent APR and rewards can be received within a day.

Notably, the product allows beginner-level crypto users to profit from staking and liquidity provision regardless of their knowledge or blockchain experience. It combines the ease of use in traditional finance products with the high rewards in DeFi products to drive adoption and reward participants with comparatively high yields.

Typically, staking, yield farming, and liquidity provision can be very complex. Even when understood, the process is cumbersome and can easily prevent users from adopting these financial services. For instance, liquidity provision in DEXes requires providers to purchase two different assets, move the assets individually to compatible protocols, before adding liquidity to the pool in equal proportions.

Dual Asset will simplify this procedure while guaranteeing fund security. Users who want to provide liquidity would be able to acquire just one asset and earn rewards. Additionally, the product will protect users from incurring extreme losses and ensure they continue earning regardless of market conditions

How Dual Asset Works

To participate, a user must first register with YouHolder. 

After depositing, selecting a pair of assets and choosing a staking plan, YouHolder, through Dual Asset, splits the funds deposited into two. One portion is used to acquire stablecoins like USDT or USDC, while the other is used to purchase more volatile cryptocurrencies like BTC or ETH.

Rewards received will depend on the staking period and Dual Asset ensures that profits will be consistent.

Why Use Dual Asset?

The crypto market has been on a bearish trend, with many uncertainties lately. With financial products like Dual Asset, users can earn a profit, irrespective of the performance of supported crypto assets. Of note,and for security, they don’t transfer user funds outside of the platform for trading or investors as competing platforms tend to do. 

In this manner, YouHolder does protect the interest of the user, protecting them against unforeseen risks like it did happen to recent CeFi platforms like Celsius Networks. After being exposed to Three Arrow Capital (3AC), they were forced to file for bankruptcy, inconveniencing their clients and denting user confidence in crypto as a whole.

Through Dual Asset, users will continue earning their one percent daily rewards even if asset prices fall. 

Although a significant dip in the price of an asset may seem like a loss for users, it is just a temporary drawdown. Users gain from the value appreciation, plus the 365 percent APR earned when the cryptocurrency’s value increases again. 

This makes YouHolder’s Dual Asset an excellent Stake and Earn product that can significantly grow and strengthen a user’s crypto portfolio.

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