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Cardalonia Metaverse Utility Token Attracts The SandBox & Decentraland Investors As $LONIA Lists On Bitmart Exchange

$LONIA is the utility token of the Cardalonia Metaverse, a play to earn platform being developed on the Cardano Blockchain.

The Cardano-based project has announced that $LONIA token will be listing on Bitmart, a top 30 cryptocurrency exchange according to Coinmarketcap.

$LONIA token is currently trading on P2pb2b and will be subsequently be available on Bitmart when trading opens on the 22nd of September on the LONIA/USDT ticker.

Cardalonia has also announced the initial land presale of the land NFT plots.

Cardalonia LAND (Terrania) is a digital piece of land in The Cardalonia metaverse that players can either buy or rent to build experiences on top of to make their land truly unique.

In this initial presale, it will be possible to buy the Cardalonia LANDs at a discount before the public sale.

Learn more about Cardalonia Land Plots Here.

$LONIA Token & It’s Utility

$LONIA, the utility token of the Cardalonia metaverse with a fixed total supply of 100 million with just 25% in circulation.

What Is Cardalonia?

Cardalonia is a 3D virtual reality Metaverse that operates across the Cardano Blockchain with the potential to provide multiple utilities for users across its ecosystem.

The Cardalonia Map will enable Land holders lay claim to their Terrania land plots after the land sales and customize it to their taste.

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