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Your Wealth99 review in a nutshell

This is a brief and to-the-point review of Wealth99 to help consumers make an informed decision about whether or not to invest in alternative assets via the platform. 

Review Snapshot 

Wealth99 is a financial services brand that offers a range of tokenized alternative assets and a selection of the most popular and highest market capitalization cryptocurrencies

The philosophy behind Wealth99 is to make alternative assets accessible to everyday investors. They say that their current offering is just the beginning and they plan to expand their range of tokenized assets in the near future.

Key points to consider

Assessing a new financial services provider is never a quick or simple task because you must take time to do your own due diligence. Reviews like this can help you zero in on the most relevant points to consider. The two points below are a great place to start. 

  1. First, decide on your investing objective. Wealth99 is not for you if you want to ‘get rich quick.’ They speak of investing horizons of at least five years and preferably ten years. That means buying and holding.
  1. Second, are you prepared to do your own research? Wealth99 is primarily a DIY exchange. It provides plenty of information on its website about the assets it offers, and its sales and support staff are available to assist, but ultimately all decisions are yours.

Wealth99 for and against


  • Puts alternative assets within reach of small-scale private investors
  • Uses best practice digital security and assets are insured by a major third-party institutional custody provider in the US – Bitgo
  • Provides tokenized precious metals (digital tokens fully backed by the physical metal)
  • Offers a highly curated asset selection
  • Is an intuitive and easy-to-use asset exchange
  • Gives clients access to a team of real support people to talk to


  • Limited choice of alternative assets currently available
  • Asset tokenization is an emerging technology that not a lot of people understand yet
  • Uncertainty in all the global asset markets due to macroeconomic forces (see below)

So should you invest through Wealth99?

If you’re considering investing through the Wealth99 exchange there are a few general factors to take into account. Some are unique to Wealth99, and others are linked to the overall situation in the global financial markets. 

  1. At the time of writing inflation and supply chain disruptions are playing havoc with the markets. However, as always, that is part of the economic cycle. Things can and will settle down again – but when that happens is still a matter of speculation. 
  1. Wealth99 offers precious metals tokens, designed to make it easier for everyday people to invest in gold, silver, and platinum. However, it is important to invest in precious metals with the understanding that they are a conservative investment. Gold, silver and platinum prices tend to be stable – which is why in uncertain times many investors buy precious metals for wealth protection, as they generally offer a reliable store of value.
  1. If the first few weeks of 2023 are a harbinger of what’s to come for cryptocurrency investors, then they may have reason to be optimistic. However, as always, crypto traders and investors should do their research on the fundamentals and technicalities of an asset before making a buy or sell decision.
  1. Wealth99’s long-term potential. Wealth99 is a solid company with an experienced management team, and for now, there isn’t a lot of competition for them in the tokenized asset space. In particular, there are few to no other platforms targeted at the everyday investor. Being an early starter in the market means that Wealth99 is positioned to grow quickly once tokenization becomes the dominant force in the financial markets.

The bottom line on this Wealth99 review.

It’s never been more important to have a long-term perspective and do your own due diligence on any investment you’re considering. You must understand what you’re doing and the risks that come with it. All investments have slightly different risks and potential returns, so what you know about one, might not apply to another. It all comes down to doing your research.

Wealth99 has a lot going for it, but there are no guarantees in any investment, including the new realm of tokenized alternative assets. It’s up to you to know your risk tolerance and financial situation. 

For more information and to review Wealth99 for yourself visit them at and schedule a personal call with one of their team.

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