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ArtID launches 1st Security Token Offering (STO) in Switzerland

ArtID, the new generation of artwork with a digital certificate where the artist’s work is secure, authentic, immutable, immortal, provides full heritage with global validity bringing a new revolution in the art industry with an Ethereum-based blockchain platform.

Reportedly, ArtID- the digital certification provider of artworks has launched it’s first Security Token Offering (STO) in Switzerland to target approximately $5.43 million (€5 million).

As per the plans, the company is seeking to raise four million euros in a private offering and one million euros publicly.

The STO is launching on Luxembourg-based Stokr– the digital marketplace which invests in new startups.

Lugano-based ArtID is one among the first regulated STOs in the Swiss market, which is offering its native cryptographic token and is free from market manipulation.

ArtID was founded in 2016 by Stefano Vablais (CEO) and Luca Muttoni. From June 2018, the established is digitally certifying works of the artists through the native ArtID cryptographic token.

ArtID Certifies work Via Digital Certificate- A “Zip” Folder

The official website displays that the role of digital certification (DC) is crucial to certify the authenticity, origin, and overcome the problem of transparency.

The website reads:

“The Digital Certificate(DC) of an artwork is a zip folder containing all the related documentation related.

The DC keeps the record of everything whether it is high definition images, author authentication, documents relating to the possible archiving, evidence of the earlier held exhibitions in which the artwork displayed, indications of relevant publications or extracts of publications.”

“The DC may contain information on the author, on historical periods, information on current and previous properties, the place where the artwork is physically kept, prices, deeds of sale, sales declarations and appraisals. The zip folder is signed on a blockchain.”

ArtID does allow any modification in the digital certification (DC) whether its contents or the information of creation date.

Risk-Free Marketplace for Artists

Once the artist receives the authentic proof of their work, they can utilise the ArtID marketplace to sell their work.

ArtID marketplace has simplified the exchange process among the buyer and sellers by facilitating them with the integrated payment and logistics system.

The company is offering a Global Marketplace that has overcome the typical difficulties related to further authentications and expertise, money movements between countries, packaging, transport, and insurance.

Moreover, ArtID’s Art Gallery promotes its artists globally, apart from awarding their works with Digital Certificate.

ArtID innovation allows more and more people to get closer to art: a new generation of collectors is born. In addition to having a new world stage, the gallery will have the possibility to meet new artists from all over the world and identify new relationships and opportunities.

So far, ArtID has hosted over 1,000 artworks and has supported the purchase of 6,000 artistic and limited edition photographs. 

Image by sylen from Pixabay 

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