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China Experimenting with Blockchain Technology on Electronic Door Seals

China is visibly speeding it’s growth processes and trying to squeeze the utmost benefits of new bleeding decentralized tech, one of which is blockchain technology. Reportedly, in China, many decentralized operations have started to emerge and most of them are on the pilot stages before coming into the mainstream industries.

The country is on the verge of creating a decentralized and modern portable hardware environment to benefit the industries in an entirely unprecedented way.

In the latest update, China is exploring new ways to deploy blockchain technology to safeguard and control the access of detained property in the country.

Reported by Chinese media outlet Global Times, courts in China implementing an electronic door seals pilot based on blockchain technology, to monitor the sealed properties.

The new electronic gadgets can perform video surveillance in real-time and control over the seal. This new device would be useful in many ways to aid the plaintiffs immediately against the culprit who tries to misuse the gadget.

Source: Twitter

Global Times while citing a report from mentioned that the pilot of the electronic seal based on the cutting-edge technology is first being tested in the Executive Bureau of the People’s Court in Haidian District, Beijing. On July 3rd, the seal is used in Chaoyang district to screen and secure a property.

Moving on further, it is stated that several other courts are intending to use the same new-fangled electronic appliance towards securing the sealed properties and crimes in the country by censoring the criminal activities.

Many Chinese courts have announced the deployment of blockchain-based electronic seals in the provincial states of East China’s Jiangsu, South China’s Hunan, and East China’s Jiangxi.

Blockchain-based Electronic Door Seal Free from Counterfeit 

The information displays that when a perpetrator misuse the electronic seal would get an electronic warning voice from the gadget to inform the legal consequences of an illegal act and breach of the seal.

When there is any damage or distribution happened with the seal, an immediate electronic surveillance camera would on and capture the images of the culprit and send the notification to the plaintiffs along with the law enforcement personnel via a mobile application, to act straightaway.

Moreover, the local law enforcement personnel and, judicial bodies can also use the application to inquire about property information, do relevant modifications, and other operations on the sealed property.

The publication stated, the counterfeit of the new electronic seal is not possible as these new devices are unlike conventional paper seals.

“The electronic seals are generally rectangular, with internal expansion and contraction grooves, which can be adjusted based on the door size. An enforcement ruling is attached to the right side of the seal to inform the public about the current status of the property.”

Earlier on June 29, Managing partner at @dragonfly_cap, venture investor, Haseeb Qureshi revealed that China has cracked the deal with Ethereum (ETH) and the Nervos Network (CKB) via China state-backed blockchain environment BSN.

According to Qureshi, this deal can play an important role in the adoption of blockchain technology on a larger scale in the People’s Republic of China (P.R.C.).

Source: Twitter

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