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Come one, Come all! Save the date for Blockchained India’s Demo Day!

Blockchain and crypto have taken over the world, and the year 2021 has been the biggest witness of it. As cryptocurrencies gained prominence amongst the wider public fuelled by the media and social influencers, there has been a rise in trends such as DeFi and NFTs. This growth has also led to an increase in interest and activity on blockchain dApps and projects from developer communities.

Blockchained India is one such learning community that marries blockchain and collaborative learning to teach blockchain fundamentals & programming skills to the aspiring founders and developers. With over 60000+ community members, it is the single largest pan-India contributor towards the knowledge base of blockchain and crypto!

With that, Blockchained India and Blocumen Studios started with their 3rd cycle of ‘100 Days of Code’ in March in collaboration with Zilliqa, with the main focus on DeFi. 

“When the mission is as big as putting India at the forefront, delivering a high quality upskilling program becomes so much more meaningful. Interactive cohorts give us an opportunity to evolve experimental side projects to meaningful and relevant startups building on decentralised web protocols. 

We are excited to keep pushing the boundaries with ambitious developers and feel fortunate for receiving support from global executives towards it.” 

says Akshay Aggarwal, Founder of Blockchained India and Blocumen Studios.

The program is designed keeping 2 things in mind-
1. Practical hands-on approach to learning blockchain development with developers themselves training.
2. Collaborative or paired learning to make the process more interesting.

The participants of the cohort learned about the blockchain basics, Scilla language and learning to write smart contracts. They all tweeted their progress daily in order to encourage their fellow mates to also get done with the day’s task. There were weekly activities/tasks, where they had to explain some given topic in the form of video, presentation etc. Zoom calls twice a week ensured that no doubt go away unsolved. The key highlight about the program is the industry experts themselves training, in order to make the participants Industry Ready! They also organized 4 live ‘Defi Studio Sessions’ with industry experts like Amrit Kumar, Pranav Sharma, Sachin Jain & Opinder Preet Singh. Last but not the least, they believe in the motto of LEARN & EARN, and thus rewarded the participants with ZIL tokens!

We asked some participants about their experiences-

A very well designed course run by industry professionals, giving an exact mixture of theory & practice to learn the nitty gritty of blockchain development using one of the strongest upcoming platforms – Zilliqa. Highly recommended for beginners as well as practitioners to learn and master blockchain using Zilliqa.

says Dr. Devendra Punia.

While Dr. Khan Rahat Afreen who is an Associate Professor in Deogiri Institute of Engineering and Management Studies, Maharashtra says,

“What I really like about this entire cohort is the continuous encouragement and motivation by organizers. Truly positive approach towards understanding our problems -technical or personal and be there every time to extend a helping hand” 

Now they are all set for their DEMO DAY, where they’ll be showcasing their project ideas to the juries from around the world!

Date: 10 July, 2021

Time: 4:30 pm

RSVP here: 

Tune in and hear the first hand experience of these ‘to-be’ entrepreneurs, learn about the Indian Blockchain space and how you can kickstart with blockchain development as well as your entrepreneurial journey with Blockchained India’s 100 Days of Code program!

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