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Crypto Virtual Event by inblox: Advanced Trading Concepts for New India

inblox connecting new markets- new technology- new capital- with consumers.

Crypto trading in India– A new way to bring financial inclusion with technology evolution. A paradigm shift in trading that never experienced before. All powered by cryptocurrencies and DLT tech.

The pandemic has thrown open the doors to crypto trading in India. With almost half of the population made to work out of homes, there has been substantial growth in this industry. The industry as a whole has also seen an uptick in the desire to learn new trading strategies, tools, and techniques for greater profitability. This newfound need is seeing the adoption of tools and technologies normally used in traditional stock trading, into the crypto world.

The exchanges are going all out in facilitating this need and thus reporting a massive surge in trading volumes with increased usage of advanced trading techniques.

Note:- Those who want to take benefits from the transition phase, for financial gains, this going to be virtual meet-up is opening the learning doors on “Advanced Trading Concepts” that can certainly create a passion for crypto trading, if not yet acknowledged. 

Learn Together Grow Together!

Mark the Schedule-

Date: Friday, 18th September 2020

Time: 5:00 IST

Venue: Airmeet

Registration: Click on the link

Inblox virtual meetups are regularly providing engaging content, particularly for all the crypto traders including newbies and pro. So what is it about this session that all of the trading geeks are so excited about? Let’s look at it.

Detailed Topics of Discussion

Some areas are mentioned to provide a gist.

Understand Advanced Trading Concepts 101 like a pro…

– How does advanced trading take place?

– What strategies could be termed as advanced trading tools and techniques?

– Isn’t trading cryptos an advanced process in itself?

– Should we call the assessment of charts using Bolinger bands, Fibonacci retracement, Elliot waves and the likes as advanced tools?

– How should one go about learning advanced trading techniques?

– What difference do these techniques make in a trade?

– Are there any simple techniques in crypto trading at all?

– Is there a safe option for using advanced trading tools?

– How does one identify the right bets using advanced trading techniques?

– Which platforms are secure to use?

Get to know more about the Advanced Trading Concepts for New India register here.

inblox Concept on Crypto eWeekend Virtual Meetups

At inblox Events, the organizers are regularly trying to arrange crypto meetups and showcasing projects to spread cognizance on the core concepts of cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies. 

Learning and Networking is one major tool to succeed in business and that’s what the platform is providing through a series of various conceptualized events. 

While the Indian crypto industry is doing its bit by increasing its education footprint as much as possible, the penetration of cryptocurrencies is yet to reach a tipping point. It is this tipping point that inblox looking forward to addressing through a separate virtual meetup dedicated to the science and business of cryptocurrencies. 

About the Speakers

Ritin Choudhari

Ritin Choudhari is the Director of rZeus Consulting. He has been working in Investing Consulting for the past 4 years and has a rich experience of 15 years in the corporate world where he worked with MNCs like Cisco Systems, Accenture & CitrixSystems to name a few. His expertise is in Options Trading, Risk Management, Technical Analysis & Fundamental Analysis Training, Portfolio Design and Management.

Ateeq Farooqui

Ateeq is the Co-Founder at TradeDog. He has 15+ years of experience in trading traditional asset classes and early years proponent of the Blockchain ecosystem. He has previously worked with a Crypto hedge fund and invested in early-stage crypto ventures. His passion to expand the Crypto ecosystem led him to build TradeDog- a wealth advisory platform for Cryptocurrencies.

Siddharth Menon

Siddharth is the Co-Founder & COO at WazirX – one of India’s biggest cryptocurrency exchanges. Sid has expertise in building products and businesses for consumer, social, and fintech space. He has over 15yrs of entrepreneurial experience mostly into product development and growth. Siddharth has contributed immensely to the growing cryptocurrency ecosystem in the country.

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