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Cryptocurrency News: CCN Shuts Down Due to Traffic Run Down

CCN one of the leading media outlets dealing in cryptocurrency news has decided to shut down its operations due to the depressing loss of search visibility by Google’s new core search update. The website made the shocking announcement on June 10.

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Jonas Borchgrevink, director and founder of CCN Markets and Hawkfish AS, mentioned the reason through the publication about the decision of closing 6 years old CCN is due to the disheartening and rapid drop off in the Google traffic search which fell down more than 71% on mobile. On June 3rd, Google has released the core updates which resulted in the pushing judgment and conclusion of the site owner. However, the information on these updates have not revealed to anyone.

Reportedly, CCN the popular website both in America, Europe, and Asia wasn’t able to cover up the expenses of the news website including the expanded team size of 60+ journalists, editors and the involved maintenance cost. The low traffic level which the leading website was experiencing from the past couple of months and surviving on the advertiser revenue resulted in the shutdown. Borchgrevink mentioned that the traffic level was getting low heavily and it’s of no sense to continue the operations in such conditions.

The other cryptocurrency news portals also got affected through Google algorithmic process. Another major crypto news websites like CoinDesk suffered a drop of 34.6%, Cointelegraph saw a 21.1% drop on mobile as per the post and the data collected from

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Borchgrevink, through the announcement also stated that along with cryptocurrency news websites there are various other news portals like The Daily Mail which is UK’s one of the major online news publishers has also seen a major drop in visibility following the Google core search algorithmic update.

Reportedly, clickbait can be a possible reason for The Daily Mail plunge.

CCN Daily Revenue Gone Down By 90%

As per the information, earlier CCN tried to figure out the cause of less visibility on Google. In the process of pulling out the information, the website owner tried to ask the guidance by filling Google’s Webmasters Forum but all went in vain and made CCN shut down because the theories which the Google help experts gave him doesn’t appear to be helpful in getting the exact reason and seemed completely inaccurate to solve the issue. Interestingly, the help experts were also unable to figure out on howGoogle’s RankBrain works and how the holder of the highest amount of web traffic drastically gone down in mobile overnight.

Borchgrevink also revealed that the CCN team is redeploying to– a platform for journalists by Journalists which is again unfortunately dependent on Google algorithms.

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The disappointed founder towards the conclusion demanded from Google few crucial consideration following to it the important information which includes: three months’ notice about the changes which Google plans to initiate in its core algorithmic updates and the subsequent effects of those changes, asked the explanation for the companies who might lose the heavy traffic and how to take precautions before getting into the major risk zone, also asked the involvement of all the national governments of the countries where these leading search engine are based out and form apolitical task forces to examine the search changes for the conservation of our democracies, our Freedom of Speech, our Freedom of the Press, and our Freedom of Information.

Image by Amit Karkare from Pixabay