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Dash Is Not a Privacy Coin, Says CMO Fernando Gutierrez

Dash (DASH) crypto asset, the hard fork of Bitcoin is not a privacy-focused coin that it touted earlier in its white paper.

As per the latest updates from the Dash Core Group member, the once deemed one of the top privacy-focused assets is no longer operating in the same crypto category.

Fernando Gutierrez, Dash Core Group, CMO clearly said that Dash is not a privacy-focused cryptocurrency. The crypto coin is focusing on usability, high-speed feature using InstantSend, simplicity, and safety with optional privacy, and hence, it’s a payment crypto asset. 

Optional privacy means Dash still allows it’s users to be judgemental and choose to hide their identity during transactions while maintaining their anonymity via its PrivateSend feature. PrivateSend is a function that is known to be used for mixing transfers. In Dash PrivateSend feature is deploying CoinJoin- a critical technology.

The statements from the Core Group member creates disbelieve amongst the users of the platform because it’s White Paper in the introduction says that “Dash: A Privacy­Centric Crypto ­Currency” which is based on bitcoin, and founded in 2014, to provide an open and public ledger using blockchain technology, with significant improvements that Bitcoin blockchain is unable to provide like two­- tier incentivized network i.e., Masternode network, and it also includes “other improvements like Darksend, for increasing fungibility, and InstantX which allows instant transaction confirmation without a centralized authority.” These features make Dash “first privacy-­centric cryptographic currency” inspired by “ Bitcoin’s pseudonymous creator, Satoshi Nakamoto.”

Dash is already a controversial crypto-asset since the beginning. During the launch, the original name of the crypto asset was XCoin that later changed to Darkcoin, and at present, the crypto coin is known as DASH.

Dash was founded in 2014 by Evan Duffield. During 2017, the coin managed to get into the list of top 10 crypto assets by market capitalization. At press time, Dash is ranked at #30 on a crypto tracking portal, CoinMarketCap.