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Diffusion 2019

20+ of the world’s most promising tokenised protocols come together for a combined dev con, “Diffusion” in Berlin Fall ‘19, to build an alternative web

  • 350 developers will apply to test their skills to hack using millions of lines of open source code over a 2 day period for thousands in prizes
  • Hack teams will be drawn from some of the worlds largest corporations, technical universities, leading dev shops and the crypto scenes best indie github contributors
  • The first protocols to be publicly announced include: Cosmos, Fetch.AI, Parity, Sovrin, Agoric, IOTA, Chainlink, Enigma, Hyperledger, Ocean Protocol, DAOstack, ETHBerlin, Deutsche Telekom with more over the coming months
  • Winners will present to leading investors including event hosts and ‘Europas: blockchain hottest investor 2019’, Outlier Ventures and enterprise partners
  • The event will take place at Factory Berlin over two days on 19-20th October 2019

The crypto scene is often seen as a mass of competing and adversarial tribes. However 20+ protocols have joined forces to collaborate and pool developer communities to build a literal stack of technologies that collectively enable a ‘new data economy’, centered around privacy, the decentralisation of insecure cloud architecture and the deconstruction of platform monopolies, called ‘The Convergence Stack’.

The Convergence Stack spans IoT hardware through internet networking, storage, routing, databases, middleware and machine learning leveraging innovations in distributed ledger technology and crypto assets to coordinate decentralised networks of stakeholders to enable a more peer to peer and open web.

The two day event will take place in Factory Berlin on the weekend of the 19-20 October 2019 and will be focused on the practical application of distributed ledger technology, smart contracts and programmable tokens, to create a new data layer, and enable other deep technologies like AI and IoT to combine and converge in order to define the next major web cycle.  

Leading decentralised projects from across the crypto scene will formally be present including: Cosmos, Fetch.AI, Parity, Sovrin, Agoric, IOTA, Chainlink, Enigma, Hyperledger, Ocean Protocol, DAOstack and Deutsche Telekom to celebrate the technical progress and talent across their communities.

It will be a hackathon-style event with teams of developers competing in challenges including dapps, network improvements, stack integrations, tooling and documentation to accelerate adoption and network growth. The event will also feature a series of exclusive product launches, live demos, enterprise partnership announcements and Q&As from founders and core dev teams from across The Stack as well as presentations from leading developers, economists and system engineers.

Jamie Burke, Founder of Outlier Ventures and pioneer of The Convergence Stack comments:

“This represents a big step for the industry. For the first time we are bringing people to work together to take on the current Web paradigm which works for no one other than Facebook, Amazon, Apple and Google’’.

“We need a wide range of skills from across cryptography, machine learning, smart contract dev, IoT,  and crypto economics to make Web 3 a reality. We believe this is the first step in a truly collaborative effort reminiscent of the early Internet to make p2p mainstream.’’

Further information about Diffusion 2019 is available at

Apply now for one of 350 exclusive free places.

For further information and interview requests:

Sonia Rehill, +44 7968 747331 , Or Charlotte Kapoor,

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