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Editorial Policy

KoinPost Mission

KoinPost endeavors to provide timely and correct updates on the developments in the cryptocurrency and blockchain domain. Furthermore, KoinPost intends to contribute to the growing Digital Asset and Blockchain community by educating and increasing awareness around Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain technology. 

Editorial Policy

KoinPost follows a strict editorial policy that is guided by transparency, trust, objectivity, and high-quality sourcing.

·  Meticulous Fact-Checking

It is critical that the facts are always delivered with extreme objectivity. To ensure all facts are presented objectively and free from bias, an article is examined by an editor before it is published.

·  High Quality Sources

KoinPost only cover stories that have been examined by reputable news agencies, when covering existing news. Moreover, to guarantee transparency and give appropriate attribution, all news is cited to its original source.

·  Copyright and Attribution

All of the writers are required to source images and quotes that are within the public domain.

·  Writers’ Opinions Pieces

From time to time, our authors will publish opinion articles. The opinion and views of the author do not essentially reflect the opinion and views of KoinPost.

·  Strict Advertising Guidelines

KoinPost does not do business with any projects that use misleading marketing, advertise any form of guaranteed returns, or refuse to publicly identify team members.

Journalistic Principles 

We attempt for superlative fairness, objectivity, correctness, and responsible reporting, whether reporting original news or in reviewing and verifying information from other sources.

The editorial team will cover news with neutrality and honesty, without influence of KoinPost’s owner or its investors.

KoinPost, as an organization, does not take positions on the economic value on any given blockchain project or digital asset, though our outside opinion contributors may convey their own respective opinions on such matters.

KoinPost employees, management, and owners are not restricted from owning or investing in cryptocurrencies or blockchain-based projects as investments.  

These guidelines are periodically reviewed and updated.

Who is Behind KoinPost?

KoinPost is an independent publication based in India. KoinPost is not owned by any other crypto or blockchain company. However, the founders are involved with other blockchain and crypto-related companies. To learn more about who is behind KoinPost click here.