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Ethereum [ETH] News: MetaMask Wallet Begins Beta Testing of Mobile App

Coming as the latest development in the cryptosphere, Ethereum [ETH] wallet MetaMask has rolled out a public beta version of its mobile app with several latest features. The beta version is launched on both iOS and Android phones.

The firm behind Metamask wallet declared, on Tuesday, that the MetaMask Mobile wallet permit exploring a dapp in around thirty seconds with an enhanced onboarding experience.

Furthermore, it also allows users to sync MetaMask’s desktop extension, including tokens, wallet accounts, and transaction history to the mobile app. The firm further mentioned that one’s desktop extension will merely generate a QR code and when scanned by one’s mobile device a sync of information will come about in seconds.

Metamask Supports Ethereum [ETH] Based Crypto Collectables

It is to be noted that the mobile app of Metamask also supports crypto-collectibles, signifying that end users can send, view, and receive their collectibles actively. Other features consist of cryptocurrency buying facility, ability to send virtual assets in crypto or fiat. Among other features, it also includes instant and free payments, which essentially means that there will be no gas charged for transactions.

Previously this year, MetaMask stated that more than one million transactions, on a minimum, went through its platform in the month of April. Notably, around 63% of these transactions were taking place on Ethereum [ETH] blockchain’s mainnet. Nevertheless, they also witnessed more than seventy thousand transactions on other blockchain networks, displaying that their browser is moving ahead of just Ethereum [ETH].

Image Source: Twitter/Metamask

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