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Ethereum Service Providers Report Issues, Blockchain Allegedly Faced Chain Split

The Ethereum blockchain network seems to be undergoing problems, leading to noticeable impact on associated service providers.

In a service announcement, Ethereum infrastructure provider Infura mentioned that it is going through a service outage for its Ethereum mainnet API and it was examining the matter.

Notably, due to the outage, some Infura users were impelled to stop Ethereum-based services. These include crypto wallet Metamask as well as Binance, apart from others.

Specifically, the difficulties at Infura look to shoot up from an issue with Ethereum client Go Ethereum, or Geth.

Ethereum Prices seem to be unaffected by alleged chain split (Image: Coinmarketcap)

Soon after, Binance and Blockchair tweeted that there had probably been a split in the Ethereum blockchain. Although, Blockchair later mentioned that it had fixed the issue by upgrading Geth.

The lead developer at Blockchair, Nikita Zhavoronkov tweeted, “At some point Ethereum developers introduced a change in the code that led today to a chain split starting from block 11234873 (07:08 UTC).”

In fact, Zhavoronkov called it technically an impromptu hard fork and added that 3rd party services need to upgrade to take care of the issue.

Zhavoronkov further mentioned, “Those who haven’t been upgrading their geth nodes for a while (I presume several months at least) got split with those with new geth versions.”

Binance CEO, CZ tweeted:

Crypto exchange Binance’s CEO comments that the exchange has restored services for Ethereum-based coins. CZ again tweeted:

Defi platforms are also facing difficulties due to the alleged Ethereum chain split. One of the new Defi paltforms, Easyfi Network tweeted:

It is to be noted that the price of ETH is unaffected at the time of reporting, as per coinmarketcap. At press time ETH is trading at a price of around 460 USD a pop.

What do you think about the latest alleged Ethereum chain split? Let us know in the comments below!

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