Microsoft Offers New Advantages to Developers & Support to JP Morgan’s Quorum

New developments in technology space are on the rise with time and blockchain tech is getting a green light from the industry giants. Now users and developers can able to build smart applications on a new blockchain-as-a-service (BaaS) platform of Microsoft. The company announced on its news website on May 2, 2019.

Microsoft with its staunchness in delivering the best possible services to its users trying every possible way to ease them for the future progression. Microsoft Azure a full cloud computing service which is in use since a long time for building, testing, deploying, and managing applications & services through Microsoft-managed data centers has now become a fully managed blockchain service platform to build new applications by comforting developers and business customers to now focus on workflow logic and app development steadily .

Frank Shaw, Microsoft’s head of corporate communications, said,

“the advanced service would be able to simplify the formation, governance, management of new consortium blockchain networks.”

With this latest move Quorum, JPMorgan Chase private enterprise version of Ethereum which is an open source blockchain solution and the robust platform that claims to provide full-service support for businesses would purportedly become the first distributed ledger platform available through the Azure Blockchain Service. This smart initiative would be able to facilitate J.P. Morgan and Microsoft consumers to build and scale blockchain networks in the cloud with just a few simple clicks and add new members easily.

The website also referred the new innovations in Azure Machine Learning which would now make the process easier for building, training and deploying machine learning models such as MLOps capabilities for developers, automated ML advancements for high quality models, visual machine learning interface that would deliver drag and drop features for the no-code model creation and best deployment experience ever.

Further, the highlights also indicated the new development in hardware–accelerated models and support for NVIDIA TensorRT and Intel nGraph.

Microsoft also announced the new and open modelling language which is IoT Plug and Play, so that IoT devices can easily connect with the cloud and from there developers can navigate and deploy IoT solutions at scale and connect with the other certified devices quickly instead of an old method that required written specifications every time to get the support and acknowledgment.

On May 3rd, as per ComputerWorld information website, Azure CTO Mark Russinovich while talking about the importance of Quorum reasoned why the platform is the 1st choice of Azure and expressed,

“Widely used Ethereum protocol is the base for this fully serviced and advanced solution network and it also accumulates in itself the world largest community of efficient developers. This makes Quorum the natural and initial choice.”

Reportedly, the global head of JPM’s blockchain, Umar Farooq, stated,

“Over the four years Quorum has been successfully operating with worldwide  technology-driven organizations.”

It is quite definite that with the association between Microsoft Azure support to J.P. Morgan Quorum would be able to bring the unique strengths for the enterprise clients using Azure’s cloud servers.    

The announcement also pointed out the Microsoft  Seattle conference wherein developers, content creators, stakeholders, blockchain, DLT, and AI enthusiasts can take part to understand the new innovative blockchain technology-enabled features.