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Prince Harry & Meghan Markle Got Impersonated in Bitcoin Scam

Bitcoin scams and hacking activities are penetrating progressively and not leaving even veteran investors to get decoyed by the rip-offs.  

Bitcoin scams are outspreading worldwide as the cryptocurrency market is getting into the bandwagon. Many crypto-focused organizations are benefiting while deploying traditional marketing strategies— gaining excellent traction, popularity, and credibility while associating with celebrities.

Likewise, few crypto-trading scam promoters are trying to lure the customers by impersonating the prominent figures.

Reportedly, the names of Duke and Duchess of Sussex- Prince Harry Charles Albert David and his wife Meghan Markle has come to light in the famous Bitcoin trading scam.

The recent report by U.K. based news outlet Mirror Daily shows that royal couple has featured in a sham BBC article where they have hailed an alleged Bitcoin trading scheme.

The news report mentioned that the fake report has shown the duo conversed in an ITV show on the topic of “wealth loophole” and praised cryptocurrencies.

The couple has admired the luring concept of wealth generation that can “transform anyone into a millionaire within three to four months.” 

The clickbait article shows that the couple wants to “step back as senior members of the Royal family, and work to become financially independent” while embracing the revolution of financial technology.

“What’s made us successful is jumping into new opportunities quickly and without hesitation, and right now our number one money-maker is a new cryptocurrency auto-trading program called Bitcoin Evolution.

“It’s the single biggest opportunity we’ve seen in our entire lifetimes to build a small fortune fast.

“We urge everyone to check this out before the banks shut it down.” The news outlet is referencing the fake BBC article.

While praising the well-known Bitcoin scam Bitcoin Evolution, the false news also mentioned that “British citizens are already raking in millions of pounds from home using this wealth loophole.” 

Bitcoin Fad Inciting Scams & False Personifications 

Reportedly, the fake BBC article has to lead the prospective investors to jump on the Ponzi website ( Then the site takes the lead and prompts the potential victims to engage in the action by registering there, as the countdown is going to complete.

The website, while featuring the red banner on the top displaying that countdown is going to close soon due to the high media demand. 

The Bitcoin Evolution also mentioned the names of renowned people like Bill Gates and Eric Schmidt.

“Some members earned their first million within just 61 days.” It claims: While working for 20 minutes, people are earning $1,300 daily.

As the Bitcoin is showing, it’s the meteoric rise; people are getting more fascinated towards it. Despite the unknowingness of its tech, i.e., blockchain or the philosophy behind the concept, they are catching enthusiasm in a fast way and seeking out the stories of early adopters.

People may not comprehend the tech behind it. However, they are getting bait as their tendency to follow celebrities, savvy investors who made millions out of few bucks from Bitcoin or crypto assets, are usually the same as they want to become one of them.

Unfortunately, the ingenious fascination and accidental decisions put them in a chaotic situation, created by the opportunistic corn promoters of Bitcoin Ponzi schemes.

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