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Reddit Users Can Now Tip Other Users With BAT Tokens, But There is One Condition!

The company behind the privacy-centric Brave Browser has partnered up with Reddit, one of the most popular social bookmarking sites around the world. Interestingly, Reddit is one of the top twenty internet websites around the planet. Notably, the users of Reddit will, in a little while, be able to tip fellow Reddit users by means of the Basic Attention Token [BAT] tokens, as per a report in Decrypt. The aforesaid development of BAT tipping on Reddit first appeared on The Block.

Reddit & Brave [BAT]

Subsequent to the aforesaid announcement, the redditors will, in a little while, be able to tip other redditors using the Basic Attention Token [BAT] tokens, as per a report in Decrypt. Consequently, BAT cryptocurrency will now be obtainable for rewarding a fellow Redditor in case he/she appreciate their content posted on the social news aggregations and discussion website. However, there is a condition that rewarding a fellow redditor with the BAT cryptocurrency will only be available for users of Brave Browser. Notably, the Brave browser has a comprehensive integration of the BAT. This condition essentially reduces the full integration for the BAT cryptocurrency with Reddit.

Popular Cryptocurrency Related Subreddits

It is to be noted that Reddit is one of the prime cryptocurrency and digital asset information sharing and discussion platforms around the world. Some of the popular crypto-related subreddits are r/Bitcoin, r/Cryptocurrency, r/CryptoMarkets, r/Ethereum, r/Monero, etc. At present, the Bitcoin subreddit has greater than 1.1 million subscribers.

What do you think about the instigation of a digital asset tip button on a site with more than a billion monthly visits and a crypto-affable audience. Could this development attract more mainstream population into the crypto space. Let us know in the comments below!

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Image by PDPics from Pixabay