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Heena Gupta

Heena Gupta

Heena is a blockchain enthusiast and a renowned crypto journalist. Her passion lies in writing about crypto, digital currencies, and delivering the dominant information to readers in financial technology. Besides journalism, she is a podcaster in the self-help and personal growth industry and an ardent brand management consultant with a digital focus.

Bimal Gupta

Bimal is a blockchain evangelist. He loves to write about finance, blockchain, bitcoin, fintech, and cryptocurrency sector. He writes well-crafted articles related to blockchain domain. He is a music lover and technology geek!

Andrey Sergeenkov

Andrey is a cryptocurrency journalist and a growth hacker. He covers crypto, blockchain, crowdfunding, and education. He has written articles for several cryptocurrency and tech news outlets including Coinspeaker, NullTX, The Merkle LLC,, and Hacker Noon.

Bren Mathew

Bren is a crypto markets reporter. He is intrigued by the numerous prospects of Distributed Ledger Technology and Blockchain. He tries to make latest developments accessible to everyone. His reports are targeted towards new developments in the decentralized finance space related to different digital assets and tokens.

Luther Abrams

Luther Abrams is an online game and sports enthusiast who spent his younger years playing and watching basketball, baseball, soccer, tennis, and badminton games, among the many others. Today, as an early retiree, he continues to write about his love and passion for sports. On most days, he also loves to play ball with his two kids.

Ellen Royce

Ellen is a writer and editor in the blockchain domain. She has written several professional articles for numerous news sites in the financial and technology sector. She likes to stay up to date with the digital asset bourses constantly and likes to dabble in traditional financial markets occasionally.

Nicholas Bain

Nicholas likes to write about Bitcoin and altcoins. Nicholas is very motivated and adaptable to diverse positions and business tasks due to his experience working in IT startups as well as established gaming companies. He is working as a content manager at sapient wallet.

Mathana Kumar

Mathana Kumar

Mathana is a blockchain writer and a computer science graduate. He likes to write about the technical aspects of cryptocurrencies and digital assets. He is a fullstack app developer with a passion for the virtual currency.

Sania Mohammad

Sania Mohammed

Sania is a financial markets reporter and a blockchain enthusiast. She believes in the disrupting power of digital assets and DLT technology. She likes to help spread the positive developments happening in the crypto industry. She loves teaching and presently pursuing a career
in journalism.


sharey seth

Sharey Seth

Sharey is a Trader and Analyst in Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies markets. He is an economics graduate. He likes to publish analysis and news about bitcoins and altcoins. He has got expertise in margin trading, portfolio management, and hedging in Cryptocurrency domain.