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Tron News Today: Samsung Integrates Tron [TRX] Support to Dapp Store

Samsung, the world renowned mobile giant, has integrated Tron [TRX] support to Blockchain Keystore, its DApp store.

Interestingly, Samsung Blockchain Keystore SDK v1.2.0 now includes APIs that support TRX transactions, as per a release note published on October 29 to the Samsung Developers website.

Samsung Blockchain Keystore and Tron Dapps

Samsung has divulged it is today broadcasting its Samsung Blockchain Platform SDK at the Samsung Developer Conference 2019. Notably, the new SDK will ostensibly tackle the 2-fold encounter of strengthening security and building mobile-compatible decentralized apps.

The latest Tron integration essentially signifies that the Tron-based DApps are poised to become available to everyone with the Blockchain Keystore among the global smartphone user base of Samsung.

Notably, Tron [TRX] positions itself as a competitor to Ethereum [ETH] by coupling DeFi with a broader decentralized internet ecosystem. Interestingly, the CEO of Tron [TRX], had this week endeavored to ignite publicity by suggesting an unrevealed partnership with a purportedly “100 billion USD megacorporation.”

CEO of Tron, Justin Sun also claimed that the partnership would largely distribute TRON Dapps and tokens to billions of customers.

Tron Coin News and Blockchain in China

According to recent crypto media reports, Tron [TRX] has recently displaced Ethereum [ETH] from the 2nd place on the up-to-date cryptocurrency rankings report from China’s state-backed tech workgroup, CCID.

Yesterday, Tron [TRX] reported gains of as high as twenty five percent against the USD. The reason might be the combination of Sun’s stimulating statement and a breakthrough ratification of blockchain tech from Chinese President Xi Jinping.

The latter encouraged a blast of domestic interest in Bitcoin and Blockchain, as per WeChat search data. The developments also led to a blast in blockchain company shares on the stock markets of China.

At the time of reporting, Tron [TRX] is changing hands at $0.021 a pop. The market capitalization of Tron [TRX] is $1.43 Billion, as per coinmarketcap. On the day, it is showing a change of over four percent, as per coinmarketcap.

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