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Tron News Today: TRON (TRX) Declares MainNet Upgrade, Designed to Enhance Security and Convenience

As per an official blog post by the TRON Foundation on June 18, the mainnet for the blockchain-based platform TRON, Odyssey will be upgraded to version 3.6 shortly.

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Tron Virtual Machine and Dapp Developers

It is to be noted that the TRON network endeavors to be a platform for creating entertainment-focused DApps. Developers can generate DApps on both the TRON protocol as well as the Tron Virtual Machine, as stated in the post.

Odyssey version 3.6 will reportedly contain new features designed to make DApp creation easier, as well as provide network protection from bad actors. According to the report, the objectives for the aforementioned update consist of implementing a further lightweight built-in event server, providing benefit for DApp developers to modify their own event service when they decide to switch on this feature. It also includes enhancing protocol data check to thwart mischievous data on the chain.

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The update also features a number of schedule improvements to other areas of the blockchain, for instance enhanced protection and stability.

The post further notes that the TRON public chain is capable of performing tens of thousands of transactions per second. As per its website, TRON again and again performs two thousand TPS, dwarfing a supposed Ethereum (ETH) network transactions per second of twenty five and a Bitcoin (BTC) network transactions per second of three to six.

Tron CEO Justin Sun’s Twitter Announcement

According to the previous report by KoinPost, Justin Sun, the CEO of Tron network, advertised Odyssey version 3.1 as having better pace to Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH).

Sun announced his projections on Twitter, mentioning that TRON will be two hundred times quicker as compared to ETH, hundred times cheaper as compared to EOS. He added that this upgrade is for dApp developers & consumers.

What do you think about the Tron ecosystem and the latest upgrade? Do let us know in the comments below.

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Image Source: Facebook/Tron Foundation